Skylight Repair

Skylight Repair Services for Katy, Texas

Residential skylights envelop indoor living spaces with attractive natural light, but sometimes skylights malfunction and create issues that risk water damage to roofs, rafters, ceilings and home interiors. The good news is that problem skylights can almost always be fixed, if action is taken right away. If you notice any leaking from existing skylights, call a professional roofing and skylight repair contractor immediately. Contact a skylight repair team that is highly experienced in repairing residential skylights—Barrier Roof Systems, Katy, Texas.

Fixing Leaking Skylights

Preventing leaks is the number one issue concerning skylights. If your skylights show signs of water leaks, initiate a professional repair to prevent further damage to your home. The skylight repair specialists at Barrier Roof Systems, Katy, Texas, can identify the source of leaks, repair your skylight and restore its function to like-new again. Seepage under shingles and pooling water often causes skylights to leak, especially if the metal flashing is improperly sealed around the frame of a skylight. Skylight components themselves may be jeopardized and damaged, but these can be repaired as well.

Repairing Roof Ventilation Issues with Skylights

An improperly installed skylight can block air flow to the top of the roof, creating additional problems with ventilation and heat accumulating, possibly damaging roofing materials and preventing heat from properly escaping. Talk to our skylight repair technicians who can inspect and repair ventilation issues caused by problem skylights. Our team can provide solutions, such as repairing roof and skylight damage, redirecting air flow and adding additional insulation as needed.

Condensation Issues with Skylights

Skylights in humid areas of the home, like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens, can experience condensation issues. Often skylights in humid interior rooms can leak, causing condensation to enter the skylight, collect on the surfaces and begin to cause water damage to the skylight. Talk to our team of skylight repair specialists, which is capable of pinpointing the problem with skylights, repairing or replacing it.

Complete Residential Skylight Repair

Take advantage of the many great attributes of installing skylights in your home. Professionally installed skylights add wonderful, natural light into any area of your home—free of energy cost. Plus, a modern skylight is highly attractive, leakproof and adds no additional heat or cold into your home. Save on your monthly energy bills by adding extra light free. And, you will enjoy extra value to your home with a new skylight installation.

Experts in Repairing Defective Skylights

A damaged skylight doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced with a new one. Let one of our elite skylight repair technicians examine your malfunctioning skylight to determine the exact cause of the problem and find an effective repair solution. And, if the skylight is damaged beyond repair, we will provide options to replace the unit with an exact or close match, or offer you opportunities to upgrade to a skylight with today’s modern features.

Complete Skylight Repair for Katy, Texas

Trust your skylight repair to the team with expertise in roofing and skylight repair and installation in the Katy, Texas, area. Highly experienced in roofing insurance claims, we are proud to have earned an A+ rating as an accredited business Better Business Bureau. We serve the West Houston Metro Area, including:

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